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Why we provide a laptop recycling service

Laptop Recycling

Laptop Lobster aims to make selling your used laptop a fast, easy and transparent process.

Once your item arrives at our secure facility we will keep you informed by email at every step of the process. Since we aim to pay you the same day we receive your item, you won't be waiting long to hear from us.

Unlike most of our competitors we will NOT charge you a fee to return your item, and are happy to return it, no questions asked, at any point in the process.

We understand that sometimes it's hard to give us an exact answer to some of the more technical questions on our quote tool. Since the quote you receive is based on this there may be occasions where we have to re-quote you, based on our own evaluation of the item.

If we have to reduce your quote you will be given a detailed reason why and offered the opportunity to accept the re-quoted price, or to have the item returned to you FREE of charge.