Your data and how was protect it

What happens to my data on my hard drive?
We delete all the data on your hard drive using the latest in data eradication software to an approved government standard, if we are unable to wipe your data using this method then your hard drive is shredded into 10mm pellets which will again completely eradicate all the data.
I have sensitive data I don't want anyone seeing?
Don't worry about that our technicians are fully trained to work with sensitive data, the 1st thing we do before we get to work is eradicate all of the data so nobody will see anything on your laptop not even us!
I sent my laptop but need a file off it what do I do?
Unfortunately we eradicate all the data off of your laptop as part of our testing process.
What happens to my hard drive if it's faulty?
All faulty hard drives are shredded into 10mm pellets completely destroying any data held on them.