Selling your laptop

How does the service work?
Just visit our online quote page, fill in all your laptop details and a price will be displayed on the screen, if you would like to ahead just accept the price fill in your personal and payment details, choose how you wish to send your laptop in to us, we receive your laptop check it in the morning and get payment across to your chosen method in the afternoon, you can find our more by visiting our how it works page.
How do I find out what my laptop is worth?
Simply visit our online quote tool page, fill in your laptops details and you will be given a price instantly on the screen.
Do you buy all laptops, even broken ones?
Yes we buy any laptop in any condition although some laptops may not have a value we can still recycle them for you free of charge helping make the environment greener.
How do I find out the laptop specification details?
You can visit our find your spec page for help with this.
What if my laptop model is not in your list?
You just select other from the model drop down or contact us.
If my laptop is personalised does it affect the price?
No, however if you have stickers on it you will need to select the stickers option from the damage section on the quote tool.
What do I need to include?
You just need to include your laptop and the power supply, if you have manuals and disks you can also include these, we are happy to recycle any other accessories you have but will not be able to increase the value we offer.
My laptop is not working but I am not sure what is wrong with it?
You can try your best to pick the most appropriate option on our quote tool, if you select the wrong reason we will contact you when we have checked your laptop to offer you a new price which you are able to accept of decline.
Do I get a higher price if my laptop is new?
Unfortunately our prices are set and do not offer anything more for new items.
Is there a limit to the number of laptops I can sell?
There is no limit; we buy any amount of laptops from any person.
Do you accept stolen laptops?
No absolutely not, we check every laptop that is sent to us using its serial number to check that it is not stolen, if you send us a laptop that is stolen expect us to pass all your details to the appropriate authorities along with the item.
Do you sell laptops?
Unfortunately we only purchase laptops and do not sell them to members of the public through this website.
What if I make a mistake about the condition or non working parts?
Don't worry we know this sometimes happens, we will offer you a new price via email on the day your item arrives after we have checked it. Don't like our new price? No problem we return your item to you free of charge no questions asked.
I can't seem to get the quote tool to work for my laptop?
Contact us and let us know the details and we will be more than happy to assist you in getting a price for your laptop.